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Interior and Exterior Plantation Shutters with 2.1/2" operable louver blades

The finest Plantation Shutters hand made for you

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What are Plantation Shutters?

Considered to be the optimum in window treaments, a Plantation Shutter is really any shutter that has a louver blade that is on the wide side. While we call our 2.1/2" wide louver blades our Plantation Shutters we also offer them in a wider 3.1/2" louver blade. Someone, at some point in time, gave them this name to evoke images of somewhere tropical, sultry breezes and a more relaxed way of life.

For Inside or Outside your Home

We offer interior and exterior Plantation Shutters. While many like to fit the inside of their homes with Plantation Shutters we have had many customers over the years use this style of shutter to enclose porches and cabanas as well as used for functional exterior shutters.

Guaranteed!  Operable louvers that never fall out.

The industry standard has always been to use staples to attach the louvers and in the tilt bar. The problem with this is that the wood louvers and metal staples contract and expand at different rates so the staples eventually loosen and can fall out. We designed Kestrel shutters so this would never be an issue. instead of staples we use solid brass screw eyes to secure your operable louvers to the tilt bar. Holes are pre-drilled in to the wood and then the brass screw eyes are threaded in. This means your louvers will never fall out. Ever.

Operable louvers that stay when you open them

Another problem that we found common with operable louvered shutters was the need for a tensioning device to keep the louvers from sagging. These are usually spring loaded pins or adjustable screws that are stuck in the frame of the shutter. Both of these are mechanical devices that will eventually fail. The springs in the pins loosen up the more you open and close the shutters. Likewise the tension screws need to be adjusted as the become worn or if there is drastic change in humidity. We decided to go a different route entirely. We balance our louver blades so that they rely only on gravity, which we thought was a very good idea.

Standard Features

  • Solid Hardwood Construction - no finger jointed material - (click here for Faux Plantation Shutters)
  • Custom sized Plantation Shutters
  • Pegged, Mortise and Tenon Joinery
  • Contribute towards LEED certification for environmentally responsible "Green" products
  • Custom Plantation Shutters including matching your existing shutters for historic reproductions
  • Solid brass screw eyes to secure louvers to tilt bar
  • Balanced Louvers
  • Available fully assembled or in our exclusive The Original D.I.Y.Shutterâ„¢ kit

Interior or Exterior

The Plantation shutters shown below can be used as either interior shutters, exterior shutters or doors in any of the layouts shown on our shutter layout page.

Designs of Plantation Shutters
  • 1010 - 2.1/2" Operable Louvered Plantation Shutters
  • 2020 - 2.1/2" Fixed Louvered Plantation Shutters
  • 1030 - 3.1/2" Operable Louvered California Shutters
  • 2030 - 3.1/2" Fixed Louvered California Shutters
Interior and Exterior Plantation Shutters with 2.1/2" operable louver blades
Interior and Exterior Plantation Shutters with 2.1/2" fixed louver blades
Interior and Exterior California Shutters with 3.1/2" operable louver blades
Interior and Exterior California Shutters with 3.1/2" fixed louver blades
In addition to the options that are suitable for most styles of interior shutters and exterior shutters (found here) we can work with you to meet your specific design requirements.

Options for Plantation Shutters

Louver Width

  • 2.1/2" Plantation louvers
  • 1.7/8" Traditional louvers
  • 3.1/2" Californian louvers
  • 1.1/4" louvers
  • Custom

Louver Profile

  • Flat with rounded edges (standard)
  • Tapered
  • Trapezoidal
  • Chevron (false louvers)
  • Custom

Louver Type

  • Fixed louvers
  • Fixed louvers with False Tilt Bars
  • Operable louvers
  • False louvers
  • Vertical louvers are available for each of the above louver types