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Custom Sized  -  Sliding Closet Doors

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All Styles of Kestrel Doors can be used as Sliding Closet Doors?

All Kestrel Interior Doors can be used as sliding closet doors. What makes the interior doors work as sliding closet doors is the hardware. So regardless of what style of interior doors you choose (louvered, panel, mirrored, fabric, tongue & groove or custom door designs ) they can be used as custom sized sliding closet doors.
3.1/2" californian louvered sliding closet doors

The advantage of Sliding Closet Doors?

Sliding Closet Doors require the least amount of effort to open. A gentle push to the side opens your sliding closet doors out of the way. And since sliding closet doors do not hinge or fold up into the room there is no concern about your doors hitting furniture.

Why Kestrel Sliding Closet Doors?

Kestrel sliding closet doors are the finest available. Our custom sized sliding closet doors are all hand built from solid, premium hardwoods like Basswood, Spanish Cedar and Mahogany. For construction we use only traditional pegged, mortise and tenon joinery. We also offer the most diverse line of sliding closet doors with such styles as louvered doors, panel doors, interior doors fitted for mirrors, glass or fabric, beadboard doors, tongue and groove doors as well as board and batten. For added stability we even add a center stile on exceptionally wide sliding closet doors.

FAQ for Sliding Closet Doors

  • What styles of doors can be used with sliding closet door hardware?
  • Every style of kestrel door can be mounted as sliding closet doors.
  • Can I mix and match different styles of doors within an opening
  • Yes! You can mix and match as many styles as you like and still hang them as sliding closet doors. A very popular combination is to use one of our mirror closet door styles for the center doors and full louvered doors, panel, beadboard or tongue and groove for the outer doors.
  • What is the largest door I can have with sliding closet door hardware?
  • Our standard sliding closet door hardware will handle individual doors that are 125 lbs. each. We also offer heavy duty hardware that will handle individual doors up to 200 lbs. each.
  • How many individual doors can I have in a sliding closet door opening?
  • Our standard hardware for sliding closet doors is designed for 2, 3 or 4 doors on 2 tracks. We also offer Johnson's multi-pass hardware that allows for an unlimited number of tracks and doors. For these the number of doors will be limited by their weight and the number of tracks will be limited by the depth of the jamb where they are mounted.
  • Will the sliding closet door hardware damage my floors?
  • The standard hardware for sliding closet doors that we offer, Johnson Hardware 138F and 134F, do not require a bottom track. Instead they use a guide located where the doors overlap. These guides do need to be secured to the floor with screws and risers are available when used with carpeting. Heavy duty and multi-pass sliding closet door hardware will require a bottom track.
  • Can sliding closet doors fall out of the tracks?
  • The only sliding closet track hardware we offer comes with tricycle wheel hangers that are either enclosed within the track, or straddle an I-beam, so that they can not come out by accident.
  • Can I reuse my exisiting sliding closet door hardware?
  • Even if the hardware you currently have is in good condition we strongly recommend purchasing new sliding closet door track hardware. Older track may no longer be safe and it may not be strong enough to hold our solid wood bifold doors.
  • How many different tracks can I have?
  • This is really a factor of how deep are your jambs were you are mounting the tracks. You can only mount as many tracks as will fit on your jamb.
  • Can I remove the doors to get full access to my closet
  • The Johnson hardware for sliding closet doors have quick disconnect clip system that makes it easy to install the doors and remove them if you should need full access to your closet.

Hardware for Sliding Closet Doors

The hardware we offer for our sliding closet doors is all made by Johnson Hardware, a 60 year old company known for it's quality. The standard Johnson sliding closet door track hardware is made for 2, 3 or 4 doors on 2 tracks. We also offer Johnson's multi-pass sliding closet door hardware which allows for multiple doors on multiple tracks.

Track Hardware for 2, 3 or 4 sliding closet doors on 2 tracks

Series 138F Medium duty for 1.1/4'' and 1.3/8'' thick Sliding Closet doors up to 125 lbs.
installation instructions for 138F

Series 134F Medium duty for 1.3/4'' thick Sliding Closet doors no up to 125 lbs.
installation instructions for 134F

Multi-pass Sliding Closet Track Hardware

Series 111MD Heavy duty for Multi-pass Sliding Closet doors up to 150 lbs.
installation instructions for 111MD

Series 100MD Heavy duty for Multi-pass Sliding Closet doors up to 200 lbs.
installation instructions for 100MD

Series 200RD Medium duty for Multi-pass Sliding Closet doors up to 300 lbs.
installation instructions for 200MD