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How to measure for your closet doors & interior doors

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Where to measure for your closet doors and interior doors
  • X1 - width at top
  • X2 - width at bottom
  • Y1 - height at left side
  • Y2 - height at right side

Measure the opening for your closet and interior doors from inside edge to inside edge. You want to measure your opening in at least two different places to make sure the opening is not larger at one end compared to another. The hardware we offer with our sliding closet door and bifold doors do allow for some adjustment.

If the measurements for your opening do vary you have two options. The first would be to replace the frame and/or jamb of your opening to make it square. This is not usually practical. The simplest way is to order closet or interior doors to fit the smallest measurement. This will result in slightly uneven gap between the doors and the opening. You then have the option to use a decorative trim (like a quarter round or door stop) around the opening to hide the gap.

Rough Openings vs. Finished Openings

The above method will work for both finished openings and rough openings.

A rough opening will be seen at the earlier stages of building and remodeling. This is when the door opening still has the wall studs, usually 2 x 4's or 2 x 6's, exposed in your opening. Even if drywall has already been applied to the face of the walls this would still be considered a rough opening as you are measuring between studs.

If drywall or jambs have been applied to the inside of the opening then it is considered a finished opening.

Operating clearances for your closet & interior door hardware

If you are replacing existing doors then we strongly recommend that you purchase new hardware. Depending on the age and condition of your existing door hardware it may no longer be safe and it may not be strong enough for our solid wood closet and interior doors.

When you purchase new closet door hardware or interior door hardware from us we will automatically deduct for operating clearances so that your new doors will fit the first time and you will not need to do any trimming. The amount we deduct, as well as the size of each individual door, will be clearly stated on your sales order.

If you plan to keep your existing closet door hardware or interior door hardware then it is best to give us the exact size of the doors you are replacing.