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Interior and Exterior Board and Batten Shutters

Shutters for a More Relaxed Lifestyle

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Old World Shutters

Our line of European shutters mirrors the architecture and the lifestyles found throughout the regions of Europe. Their substantial dimensions are strong yet proportion is not forgotten. All geared to provide you with functional shutters that have a simple, relaxed elegance that will protect and adorn your home most graciously.

A Simple Yet Beautiful Design

Each of our European shutter designs has been faithfully reproduced from originals. Whether you are looking for French shutters found on country homes in Normandy or Italian shutters from the Mediterranean coast line. Should you have a photograph or a sketch of a particular shutter or door that you have seen during your travels please let us know. As always we will be happy to work with you to provide you with the shutters of your dreams.

Standard Features

  • Solid Hardwood Construction - no finger jointed material
  • Custom sized Interior Shutters and Exterior Shutters
  • Pegged, Mortise and Tenon Joinery
  • Contribute towards LEED certification for environmentally responsible "Green" products
  • Available fully assembled or in our exclusive The Original D.I.Y.Shutterâ„¢ kit

Interior or Exterior

The 6 designs of European shutters shown below can be used as either interior shutters, exterior shutters or doors in any of the layouts shown on our shutter layout page.

Designs of Board and Batten Shutters

European Interior and Exterior Board and Batten Shutters with Breadboard Top and Diamond Cutouts
Interior and Exterior Board & Batten Shutters with gap

Shutters with Breadboard Tops

In this style the individual boards are tenoned at the top and pegged into mortises in a wooden "breadboard" top rail. When the shutters are closed the traditional diamonds allow for light to enter into your home.
  • 7145 - Board and Batten Shutters with Breadboard Top and Diamond cutouts
  • 7040 - Board and Batten Shutters with Breadboard Top
European Interior and Exterior Shutters with 2.1/2'' Fixed Plantation Louvers and kick out
European Interior and Exterior Shutters with 1.7/8'' Tradtional Fixed Louvers and Kickout

Shutters with Kickouts

A shutter within a shutter. The smaller, inner shutter acts as a bermuda shutter being hinged at the top. This allows you to prop out the inner shutter when the shutters are closed over your window. This design can also be used in a door with the kick-out in the upper portion of the door.
  • 2012 - 2.1/2" fixed Plantation Louvered Shutters with kickout
  • 2022 - 1.7/8" fixed Traditional Louvered Shutters with kickout
Euorpean Interior and Exterior Shutters with Fixed 2.1/2'' Plantation Louvers over Tongue and Groove
European Interior and Exterior Shutters with 1.7/8'' Traditional Louvers over Tongue and Groove

Shutters with Louvers over Tongue & Groove

Here the fixed louvers at the top are both aesthetic and functional. The louvers act as a decorative cap piece while providing you with light and ventilation when the shutters are closed.
  • 2015 - 2.1/2" fixed Plantation Louvers over Tongue & Groove Shutters
  • 2025 - 1.7/8" fixed Traditional Louvers over Tongue & Groove Shutters
In addition to the options that are suitable for most styles of interior shutters and exterior shutters (found here) we can work with you to meet your specific design requirements.

Options for European Board and Batten Shutters

Board & Batten Shutter Board Widths

There is no standard board size on our board & batten shutters. We custom size the vertical boards so that they are proportional and to meet your needs.

Board & Batten Shutter Batten Direction

  • Horizontal (standard)
  • Diagonal Z batten

Breadboard Top

A breadboard top comes standard on our European Board & Batten shutters but it is also available on the bottom edge.


One of our standard European Board & Batten shutters comes with rows of diamond cutouts. Other cutout designs are available as well.

Options for European Tongue & Groove Shutters

Tongue & Groove Direction

  • Vertical (standard)
  • 45 degrees one direction
  • 45 degree Herringbone
  • Custom

Panel Cutouts

We offer several standard panel cutout designs or we can match your own designs. Etched patterns and monograms are also available.

Options for European Louvered Shutters

Louver Width

  • 2.1/2" Plantation louvers
  • 1.7/8" Traditional louvers
  • 3.1/2" Californian louvers
  • 1.1/4" louvers
  • Custom

Louver Profile

  • Flat with rounded edges (standard)
  • Tapered
  • Trapezoidal
  • Chevron (false louvers)
  • Custom

Louver Type

  • Fixed louvers
  • Fixed louvers with False Tilt Bars
  • Operable louvers
  • False louvers
  • Vertical louvers are available for each of the above louver types