Interior Shutter Hinges

What type of shutter hinge is right for me?

Well, that's going to depend on the way you mount your shutters.  You first should check to see where you are going to mount you shutters within your window frame.  Take a look at our measuring instructions to help you with this.

After you have decided where you will mount your shutters look through the list below.  With each hinge you will find the different ways they can be used.


How many hinges do I need?

For shutters that are 54" in height and under 2 hinges (1 pair) can be used per shutter.  For shutters over 54" in height we recommend 3 hinges (1.1/2 pair) be used per shutter.  If your shutters will be over 90" in height it is best to go with 4 hinges (2 pair) per shutter.


What hinge should I use for Bi-fold shutters?

Any of the hinges below can be used to attach one shutter to another.  However, if your shutters will have an overlap rabbet you will need to use either the surface mounted back flap hinge or the non-mortised hinge.




Pricing & Ordering
All Interior Hinges are priced per pair.

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solid extruded brass mortise hinge Solid Extruded Brass - Mortise Hinge

2.1/2" x 2.1/2" - These hinges are an extremely high quality and come from an American foundry that is over 120 years old.  This style of hinge is used for inside mounts or for attaching shutters to the inside edges of mounting strips.  This hinge works just like your typical door hinge.



brass plated mortise hinges Brass Plated - Mortise Hinge

2.1/2" x 2.1/2" - This alternative to the solid brass hinge is also used for inside mounts and the inside edge of mounting strips.  This is a good choice if you plan to paint the hinges to match your shutters.



solid extruded brass back flap hinges Solid Extruded Brass - Back Flap Hinge

1.1/2" x 2.3/8" - If your shutters have an overlap rabbet and you will be bi-folding your shutters you should consider this hinge.  This style of hinge can be either surface mounted or mortised into the face of the shutter.



solid extruded brass non-mortised hinges Solid Extruded Brass - Non-Mortised Hinge

2.1/2" x 7/8" - Similar to the back flap hinge, this style is ideal for bi-folding shutters.   However, this hinge can also be used to mount lighter weight shutters to your window frame.



solid extruded brass parliament hinges Solid Extruded Brass - Parliament Hinge

2.1/2" x 4.1/2" - This very sturdy mortise hinge is used when you need to swing the shutter out past an obstacle such as thick window trim.




brass plated double action hinges Brass Plated - Double Action Hinge

2" x 3" - This style of hinge is used for folding screens or for shutters where you need them to swing in both directions.




solid brass strawberry knob Shutter Knobs! Solid brass cactus knob

Don't forget to check out our knobs!

solid brass chili pepper knob


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