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Exterior Bahama Shutters with 2.1/2'' Fixed Plantation Louvers

Custom Sized Bahama Shutters

hurricane rated shuttersHurricane Rated Available     custom sized shuttersCustom Sized !

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Are They Bahama Shutters
. . . or Bermuda Shutters?

Bahama shutters are the same thing as Bermuda shutters. What makes a Bahama shutter a Bahama shutter is really the fact that the shutter is hinged at the top like an awning. Because this usually results in one large shutter per window you will often see a center vertical stile used for added stability.Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

Are Kestrel Bahama Shutters Hurricane Rated?

We offer Bahama Shutters made out of Sapele Mahogany and also Aluminum. The Aluminum Bahamas Shutters are avaialble as either Hurricane Shutters (approved for use in all Florida locations) as well as non-impact shutters.

When would I use a Bahama Shutter?

There are two main ways that Bahama shutters are used. They can be used to cover the entire window, as shown in the Barnes & Noble photo to the left. This will block out direct light, allow ventilation, and can be closed over the window to give maximum protection during storms. The other way is to think of a Bahama shutter as if it were a wooden awning. In this case the shutters are made smaller and used as an awning over the window. These also give protection from direct sunlight but allow full visiblity through the window.

Standard Features

  • Solid Hardwood Construction - no finger jointed material
  • Custom sized Interior Shutters and Exterior Shutters
  • Pegged, Mortise and Tenon Joinery
  • Contribute towards LEED certification for environmentally responsible "Green" products
  • Available fully assembled or in our exclusive The Original D.I.Y.Shutterâ„¢ kit

Interior or Exterior

The 6 designs of Louvered Bahama shutters shown below can be used as either interior shutters, exterior shutters or doors in any of the layouts shown on our shutter layout page.

Designs of Louvered Bahama Shutters

Interior and Exterior Shutters with 1.7/8'' Operable Traditional Louvers
Interior and Exterior Shutters with Operable 2.1/2'' Plantation Louvers
Interior and Exterior Shutters with 3.1/2'' Operable Californian Louvers

Interior and Exterior Shutters with 1.7/8'' Fixed Traditional Louvers
Interior and Exterior Shutters with Fixed 2.1/2'' Plantation Louvers
Interior and Exterior Shutters with Fixed 3.1/2'' Californian Louvers

In addition to the options that are suitable for most styles of interior shutters and exterior shutters (found here) we can work with you to meet your specific design requirements.

Options for Louvered Bahama Shutters

Louver Width

  • 2.1/2" Plantation louvers
  • 1.7/8" Traditional louvers
  • 3.1/2" Californian louvers
  • 1.1/4" louvers
  • Custom

Louver Profile

  • Flat with rounded edges (standard)
  • Tapered
  • Trapezoidal
  • Chevron (false louvers)
  • Custom

Louver Type

  • Fixed louvers
  • Fixed louvers with False Tilt Bars
  • Operable louvers
  • False louvers
  • Vertical louvers are available for each of the above louver types