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  1. Features of Closet Doors
  2. Designs of Closet Doors
  3. Options for Closet Doors
  4. Applications for Closet Doors

Door Thickness

  • 1.1/4" (standard)
  • 1.3/8"
  • 1.3/4"
  • Custom

Wood Species

  • Basswood (standard on interior doors)
  • Sapele Mahogany (standard on exterior doors)
  • African Mahogamny (interior only)
  • White Oak (interior only)
  • Red Oak (interior only)
  • Cherry (interior only)
  • Hard Maple (interior only)
  • Soft Maple (interior only)
  • Knotty Alder (interior only)

  • Honduran Mahogany and Spanish Cedar
  • To prevent extinction, both Honduran Mahogany and Spanish Cedar have been listed on the Appendices of CITES - The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora which is administered through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). As such, we will no longer be offering shutters or doors made from these 2 species.
Pattern grade and Quarter Sawn wood is available with some species.


We offer our doors unfinsihed as well as primed, painted and stained. Custom color matching is available on paint and stain finishes as is tinted priming.

Arch Top Doors

All of our doors are available with arched tops. We build your doors with your choice of half round, quarter round, eyebrow and gothic arch.

Custom Rail Location

The center rails (lock rails) on our doors are placed so that approximately 60% of the door is above the rail and 40% below. We can place the rail at most any location or remove it entirely.

Custom Stile & Rail Dimensions

We are able to build doors to your specifications should you need specific stile and rail dimension.

Center Stiles

Kestrel doors can be made with one or more center stiles. On doors over 36" wide we recommend a center stile.

Door Jambs

Custom sized door jambs are avaialbe assembled and in knock down / DIY kit form with and without hinge mortising.

Options for Louvered Doors

Louver Width

  • 2.1/2" Plantation louvers
  • 1.7/8" Traditional louvers
  • 3.1/2" Californian louvers
  • Custom

Louver Type

  • Fixed louvers (standard - allows air flow)
  • Operable louvers
  • False / Faux louvers (no air flow)
  • Vertical louvers are available for each of the above louver types

Louver Profile

  • Flat with rounded edges (standard)
  • Tapered
  • Trapezoidal
  • Chevron (false / faux louvers)
  • Custom

Louver Spacing

Should you require a minimum or maximum air flow through your louvered doors just let us know. We can modify the spacing of our fixed and operable louvered doors to meet your requirements.

Options for Panel Doors

Panel Profile

  • Colonial Raised Panel (standard)
  • Flat Panel w/ trim
  • Traditional Raised Panel w/out trim
  • Traditional Raised Panel w/ trim on the reverse
  • recessed Philadelphia Federal Panel
  • Custom

Panel Cutouts

We offer several standard panel cutout designs and can also match your own designs.

Double Sided Panels

While most of our doors have the panel profile on one face only they can be made with the back identical to the front.

Options for Tongue & Groove& Doors

Tongue & Groove Direction

  • Vertical (standard)
  • 45 degrees one direction
  • 45 degree Herringbone
  • Custom

Tongue & Groove Board Width

Our standard tongue & groove board widths are 2" on the face but can be customized to meet your needs.

Options for Fabric Doors

Fabric Panels

We offer a selection of hand printed, painted, dyed and appliquéd panels as well as plain duck material. You can also use your own material or have our artist work with you on your own custom design.