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The Original DIY Shutter™ Kit

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What is a Do-It-Yourself Shutter?

We supply you with all the parts of the shutters (louvers, panels, frames...) sized exactly to fit your windows. You hand asseble the pieces we supply to make your very own custom sized interior shutters and exterior shutters. Kestrel DIY Shutters™ are the exact same thing as our fully assembled shutters except you do the hand assembly instead of us.

Why do we offer DIY Shutters™

In the early 90's we came up with the idea of offering shutters in a true knockdown, do it yourself version. The thought was that people fixing up older homes could buy their own shutters in kit form and hand assemble everything themselves. They would not only save money but have the satisfaction of building historically accurate, furniture quality interior shutters, exterior shutters and doors.

Supplying Shutters to The Trade

We also supply window treatment, millwork and cabinet shops with an opportunity to offer their own customers the highest quality shutters on the market. Many resellers buy our DIY Shutters or shutter parts, assemble them in their own shops and then add finishing and installations to provide a comlete shutter service.

Different from all the rest

We were the first to offer shutters in a true DIY kit form. Because we have full confidence in our shutters we know that anyone, without any special wood working skills, can hand assemble our shutters. Many other companies have since tried to offer their own scaled down version of real do it yourself shutters. Where we supply a real DIY kit they try and pass off fully assembled, unfinsihed shutters as DIY.

Standard Features

  • Solid Hardwood Construction - no finger jointed material
  • Custom sized Interior Arched Shutters and Exterior Arched Shutters
  • Pegged, Mortise and Tenon Joinery
  • Contribute towards LEED certification for environmentally responsible "Green" products
  • Available fully assembled or in our exclusive The Original D.I.Y.Shutterâ„¢ kit

Build your own shutters in less than 30 minutes!

All standard Kestrel styles of interior shutters, exterior shutters and doors (with the exception of arches) are avaialble as DIY Shutter™ kits in any of the layouts shown on our shutter layout page.

Now you can benefit from the savings of building your own shutters and discovering the fun and satisfaction in doing it yourself!

  • Save $$$
  • Fast and Easy Hand Assembly
  • Custom Sized
Our exclusive Do-It-Yourself shutter kits are simple to assemble and require no special skills. We provide you with all the parts, cut and machined, to make your own authentically pegged, mortise and tenon shutters in the exact size you need!

And it's fast!  A 5 to 6 foot tall, operable louver shutter will take you approximately 25 minutes to assembly.
  1. Insert the threaded eyelets into the pre-drilled holes. Remember, we don't use staples in your shutters!
  2. Attach the louvers to the tilt bar.
    (Steps 1 & 2 can even be done while watching the TV!)
  3. Put glue in the mortise-and-tenon joints and slip the parts together.
  4. Clamp & (Optional) drill for the pegs with the supplied template!
Keep in mind that for fixed louver and panel shutters assembly takes even less time as there are fewer parts to assemble and only steps 3 and 4 apply. And if you plan to do any finishing this can be done before assembly to save on time and clean up!