gazebo bird feeder
Our Gazebo Bird Feeders are hand made locally here in Pennsylvania. Standing 21" tall and measuring 12.1/2" flat to flat this bird feeder has enough room for Blue Jays and Cardinals to mix without any conflict.

The finial top lifts off to allow you to easily fill the weather resistant plexi-glass tube with about 5 cups of feed. The base itself holds another 6+ cups of bird feed. The overhang from the shingled roof keeps the feed nice and dry. And even if you do get some driving rains there are 6 drainage holds thoughtfully drilled in to the base so that your bird feed doesn't sprout in to a mini forest.

Installation is straightforward. The base is designed to slip over top of a standard 4x4 post. Once in place you can secure it quickyl with a couple of nails or screws.

Price: $115.00 each

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