European Tilt Turn Windows

Mahogany European Tilt Turn Windows from the premier manufacturer in Italy, Comeca Spa.

Kestrel Shutters now offers European Tilt Turn Windows imported directly from the premier manufacturer in Italy, Comeca Spa.


European tilt-turn windows in douglas fir - style W12B Style:

Going beyond the functional, the Comeca line of Windows brings a flow to form that is both simple and elegant.  Found in Tuscan villas, French farmhouses and Swiss chalets these windows remind us of a more relaxed way of life.



European Tilt Turn window offer the option of being opened in both directions, either tilted in vertically or pivoted horizontally, all from a single handle.

European sliding doors in style DS12B

 Tilt turn window with integrated roll down shutters



Comeca recognizes the fact that the world is not the way we wish it would be.  As such, they offer some unique security features to their tilt and turn windows that provide a peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Built in electro-magnetic contact for home security systems.
  • Special anchored hinge that prevents the window from being torn or unhinged at the frame.
  • Locking handle.
  • Double laminated glass reinforced with an invisible film that prevents breaking of the glass.

If you would like your windows priced with these features please select "required" in the Security Update section of the quote form below.


In addition to those features that allow you to customize your windows Comeca offers the following enhancements.

  • Semi-transparent glass for privacy.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Shutters integrated into the window frame including roll down shutters of Aluminum, PVC and Steel.
  • Insect screens.
  • Attachable window grill.


European tilt turn doors (style D12B) in Iroko wood with clear finish.



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