The quantity here refers to the number of openings and not the individual shutters. So if you have 1 window with 4 shutter you would still enter "1" for the "quantity". If you want to have two or more tiers of shutters in your opening (such as 4 shutters over 4 shutters) treat each tier as an opening.

Opening Size

Please give us the width and height or your opening. If your opening is narrower or shorter in places please give us the smaller of the measurements.

Shutters per Opening

Here we are asking about how many individual shutters you would like in the opening. So if your shutters are bifolding with 2 folding to the left and 2 folding to the right the total number of shutters per opening would be 4.

Frame Layout

This lets us know how many horizontal mid-rails you want in your shutters and where to locate the mid-rail(s). You can see our standard frame layouts by clicking here. If you need a specific rail location or a layout different than one of our standards then simply choose a frame layout that is similar and tell us what you need in the Special Instructions section below.

What style of shutter would you like?

We have a number of different styles of shutters that you can see by clicking the button above or by clicking here.

If you need a custom design please choose the closest style and let us know how you would like your shutters customized in the Special Instructions section below.