Exterior Shutter Hinge Worksheet

Need help determining which hinge will work best for you?

Fill out our online hinge worksheet or print it out and fax, or e-mail, the form to us.

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Interior Shutters Decorative Only

Operable Louver

Exterior Shutters Fully Functional Fixed Louver
Board & Batten

Please fill in the following information as shown in the image above.

What is the Jamb material:

What is the Wall material:

What is the depth of the window stop?

A =

What is the depth of the wall to the window stop?

B =

What is the width of window stop?

C =

What is the distance from the edge of the jamb to the trim?

D =

What is the width of the trim around the window?

E =


Choose the image which shows where you would like
your shutters to be in the closed position.

shutters overlapping window opening Shutters fitted from jamb to jamb

shutters overlapping window stop Shutters fitted from window stop to window stop



Choose the image which shows where you would like
your shutters to be in the open position.

Trim completely hidden
Trim partially exposed
Trim completely exposed

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