door quote form sample


The quantity here refers to the number of openings and not the individual door. So if you have 1 closet with 4 folding doors (2 sets of bifolds) you would still enter "1" for the "quantity"

Rough or Finished Opening

Here we are asking about the opening itself. Is it still under construction (no jambs or drywall installed) so that you are measuring from wall stud to wall stud or is it finished (with the jambs or drywall installed)? We ask this so that we can adjust your opening size to make sure that your doors are made correctly. If you are replacing existing doors you can also choose "Exact Size".

Opening Size

If you chose "Rough" or "Finished" above then please give us the width and height or your opening. If you chose "Exact Door Stze" above then enter the width and height of yrou existing doors. If your opening is narrower or shorter in places please give us the smaller of the measurements.

Doors per Opening

Please enter the number of individual doors within the opening. Treat each set of bifold doors as 2 individual doors. So a closet that has 2 sets of bifolds, 1 set folding to the left and 1 set folding to the right, would count as 4 individual doors.

How will you hang your doors?

This lets us know the correct type of hardware to quote. Your choices are:
  • Folding / Bifold Doors
  • Sliding / Bypass Doors
  • Hinged Doors
  • Pocket Doors

What style of door would you like?

We have a number of different styles of doors that you can see by clicking the button above or by clicking here.

If you need a custom design please choose the closest style and let us know how you would like your door customized in the special instructions section below.