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We offer you the following heavy duty door and gate latches and hinges for use on gates, barns and stables.  Each is made from wrought iron with a heavy zinc plating and then finished in the traditional matte black.

The Pull Handles are 10" in height and the length of the Latches is 10"

Coming Soon!

Several new style of latches and gate hinges as well as cane bolts.

If you do not see what you are looking for just to send us an email.  We'll let you know what we are adding and find what you are looking for.



Pricing & Ordering
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Dummy latch1. Dummy Pull - This is used simply as a handle without any latch and is surface mounted.

Weight - 1.1/4 lbs.      Price - $48.60 each



Regular latch2.   Regular Thumb Latch - The latch is surface mounted on one face while the handle is mounted on the opposite side of the door.

Weight - 3.1/4 lbs.      Price - $139.70 per set



Reverse Bevel or Closet latch3.   Closet Latch - This is the same as the regular latch but has a reverse bevel to the catch.

Weight - 3.1/4 lbs.      Price - $149.80 per set



Double handle regular latch4.   Double Handle Regular Latch - This latch is identical to the single regular latch but comes with an additional handle so that both faces of the door have a handle.

Weight - 4.1/2 lbs.      Price - $188.70 per set



Surface latch5.  Surface Latch - This is the surface mounted latch but without the handle.

Weight - 1.1/4 lbs.      Price - $79.80 per set


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6.Stable hinge with lag mount7.stable hinge with plate mount.

Heavy duty hinges for gates, barns and stables (6 & 7) are made of 1/4" thick steel with a zinc plating and then finished in traditional matte black.  The straps are available in lengths from 18" to 60" and come with either a lift off bolt mount (6) or a permanent plate mount (7).


Gate hinges are priced per pair.

Strap Length 6.  hs-gatestrap80.jpg (2086 bytes) 7.  hs-gatestrap85.jpg (1544 bytes)
18" $84.90 124.80
24" 102.50 134.90
30" 116.70 148.70
36" 128.80 166.20
42" 147.70 179.90
48" 163.60 199.80
60" 178.80 214.70


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