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For openings with more than one tier of shutters
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treat each tier as a separate opening.

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For "Width of opening" please enter the total width of the opening
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Ex. 3 48  (see above) 60 4 Alnwick operable louver

                      Please enter only numbers in the spaces below.                     Shutter designs and styles shown below.


Shutter Designs                    Those noted with an E are from our European Line of shutters

3.1/2" Operable Californian Louver 2.1/2" Operable Plantation Louver 1.7/8" Operable Traditional Louver 3.1/2" Fixed Californian Louver 2.1/2" Fixed Plantation Louver 1.7/8" Fixed Traditional Louver Colonial Raised Panel with trim Traditional Raised Panel, trim on back Flat Panel with trim Philadelphia Federal with trim Board & Batten with air gap Board & Batten European Board & Batten with breadboard top European Board & Batten with diamond cut-out European Fixed 2.1/2" Louver with kick-out European Fixed 1.7/8" Louver with kick-out European Fixed 2.1/2" over Tongue & Groove European Fixed 1.7/8" over Tongue & Groove
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 E13 E14 E15 E16 E17 E18
1.   3.1/2" Operable Californian Louver 7.  Colonial Raised Panel with trim 13.  Board & Batten with breadboard top
2.   2.1/2" Operable Plantation Louver 8.  Traditional Raised Panel, trim on back 14.  Board & Batten with diamond cut-out
3.   1.7/8" Operable Traditional Louver 9.   Flat Panel with trim 15.  Fixed 2.1/2" Louver with kick-out
4.   3.1/2" Fixed Californian Louver 10. Philadelphia Federal with trim 16.  Fixed 1.7/8" Louver with kick-out
5.   2.1/2" Fixed Plantation Louver 11. Board & Batten with air gap 17.  Fixed 2.1/2" over Tongue & Groove
6.   1.7/8" Fixed Traditional Louver 12. Board & Batten 18.  Fixed 1.7/8" over Tongue & Groove


Shutter Styles                    Louver styles are available with either Fixed or Operable louver blades

Carisbrooke Alnwick Essex Cottage Louver Calais Chestertown Stratford Auburn Bristol Newbury Cottage Hopewell Kennett Margate
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1.   Carisbrooke 6.   Chestertown 11.  Cottage
2.   Alnwick 7.   Stratford 12.  Hopewell
3.   Essex 8.   Auburn 13.  Kennett
4.   Cottage Louver 9.   Bristol 14.  Margate
5.   Calais 10. Newbury



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