Kestrel's Mortise & Tenon Construction


Another design point that will make your Kestrel shutters and folding screens stand out above all others is our authentic pegged, mortise-and-tenon joinery. Not just mortise and tenon... pegged mortise and tenon.

The "industry standard" calls for relying on just glued, dowel joints or screw joints. These will eventually work loose as you can see for yourself when you look at the shutters sold at local home improvement centers.
Some places will try to trick you by pushing their shutters as "authentic" mortise and tenon but they DO NOT USE ANY LOCKING PEGS!    Why is that important?  Well...
spec3a.gif (5754 bytes) In every assembled custom sized Kestrel shutter you receive, the frame is glued and clamped tight.    Other manufacturers stop here.  We go that extra step and drill holes through the face of the shutter and through the tenon.  Pegs are then inserted through these holes, acting like cotter pins. When the clamps are released the shutter frame is held fast by the pegs.  No matter how hard you try to pull the shutter apart, the locking pegs will work to keep it together.
Mortise-and-tenon joinery is something that has been proven to last over the centuries. This is why every single historic site you've gone through has interior and exterior doors and shutters made this way. One very famous site which used mortise-and-tenon joinery is Stonehenge. Here stone lintels measuring 10.1/2 ft by 3.1/2 ft by 2.3/4 ft are still supported after several thousand years because they were built properly using Mortise & Tenon joinery!


And this is why your Kestrel Shutters will be made with true mortise and tenon joinery.

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